Bigg Boss 11 Dec 29 written update: What made Vikas apologise to Akash’s mother?

Bigg Boss 11 Dec 29 written update: What made Vikas apologise to Akash’s mother?

Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 was all about Vikas Gupta doing a series of tasks, given by Bigg Boss including making someone cry and to accuse someone of thievery.

On Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas was given a secret task. His prize would be winning a New Year’s dinner for everyone in the house.

In the first part of the task Vikas had to convince everyone to send anyone but himself and Akash to the jail. The trouble was that Akash had been the most uncooperative member of the house by far, and no one was ready to nominate any other person.

But Akash couldn’t understand why Vikas was trying to save him. Puneesh took him aside and told him that Vikas didn’t want him to enter the jail because that’s where a person has the most opportunity to get footage. Soon that’s what everyone started believing and Vikas became a villain.

In the end, Vikas lost the first part of the task because everyone ended up picking Akash anyway and Vikas and Puneesh had a fight which lasted for five minutes, and then they hugged and made up.

Time for part 2. In this challenge, Vikas had to make someone cry. But Vikas had a unique idea to win. He went to Hina and Luv and challenged them to cry on cue if they were such good actors. Hina did it in a jiffy.

To top it, even Luv managed to do it. Vikas was congratulated for his win, and given the third part of this task. He had to accuse someone of thievery and convince everyone that he was not lying.

Bigg Boss contestants discuss who should be sent to the jail during Friday’s episode.

Vikas took out empty coffee jars and started yelling that someone had taken it. Puneesh wasn’t buying it, but when Vikas pulled out a planted pack from Akash’s bed, everyone seemed to believe it. But just when Akash swore on his mother that he hadn’t taken the coffee, the others had doubts. Vikas apologised to Akash’s mother on camera for putting her son in the jail.

But Bigg Boss called him and told him he’d succeeded. Bigg Boss also gave him the next part of his challenge, which was to angrily throw someone’s clothes into the pool. To begin the task, Vikas faked an argument with Priyank, and then faked crying. No one bought it. In fact, everyone was shocked as to why was faking it. When he was confronted, Vikas got the opportunity to throw the clothes into the pool.

Bigg Boss then informed everyone about the secret task, which no one suspected. Expect Hina, who said she knew it all.

The contestants then had a New Year celebration, two days early by dancing on a makeshift stage.

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