Dus Ka Dum 3: ‘Dancing Uncle’ Sanjeev Shrivastava shares a tragic incident with Salman Khan

Dus Ka Dum 3: ‘Dancing Uncle’ Sanjeev Shrivastava shares a tragic incident with Salman Khan

Dancing Uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava became an overnight sensation thanks to his fabulous dance moves. He was recently invited to the sets of Dus Ka Dum to interact with the host Salman Khan. The dancer along with his family was seen having a great time on the show. He not only indulged in some dancing but also struck a heart to heart conversation with Mr. Khan, During one such conversation, Sanjeev told Salman about a tragedy had hit his family and how his mother still was affected by it.

  • Dabbu Uncle, as he is popularly known, revealed that last year his younger brother died in an unfortunate train accident.
  • This situation shocked everyone and left his mother in a shock.
  • Ever since this incident, his mother has not left their home and had not smiled even once. She stopped mingling with her relatives and neighbours.
  • But after a year, when Sanjeev’s video got viral, everything changed.
  • One day when she heard a hustle bustle around her house and she went down for the first time after the tragedy as she wanted toinquire about the matter.
  • After watching Sanjeev’s video she smiled and laughed after a really long time.
  • Sanjeev was overjoyed on seeing his mother in such a state.

    Sanjeev said, “I don’t want any money from anyone for this video. I am happy that people are enjoying it. I am grateful that people liked my video. It is because of the response that I received for the video, that my mother came down and came out of the shell This made her smile. I was dying to see her cheerful face. I am happy that her smile is back and this will eventually help her to get over my younger brother’s untimely demise.”

The dancing video which went viral got a lot of views but not many know Sanjeev’s moving story. When Sanjeev shot with Salman, he made the actor-host dance to his tunes and both of them together did the signature dance step. Apart from his famous dance moves, Salman was eager to know his story. He was curious to know how the video went viral and what was his reaction when he realised that he has attracted nationwide attention



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