How To Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points And Claim Points

How To Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points And Claim Points

After playing the game and accumulating lots of points you all want to Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points. If you are still not aware of this game then you can also check How To Play Sabse Smart Kaun on our blog.

The only thing you need to play this game is Android Phone with Android Version 5.0+ and the latest version of Hotstar App. You can also Claim Sabse Smart Kaun Points directly on the HotStar App. No other app is required to Redeem points. You can enjoy the show as well as earn money directly in the Hotstar App. If you have used your common sense then you must have gathered lots of points in your account.

Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points
Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points

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Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points

  1. At first, you have to Download Sabse Smart Kaun App from Google Play Store.
  2. Use our previous tutorials to play the game and gather points.
  3. After opening the game you will find “Register For Prize“.
  4. There you have to enter your Mobile Number and PAN Number.
  5. PAN Number is not compulsory but you will not be able to claim TDS if you do not enter it.
  6. As soon the prizes will be released you will be notified in the app.

Full Procedure To Redeem

As soon you complete the registration for payment the prize money will be credited to your Paytm Wallet. There is no fixed date when the amount will be credited to your account.

Soon The Procedure Will Be Updated :). Stay tuned with us for instant updates

Convert Sabse Smart Kaun Points To Rupees

There is no update in the app regarding the conversion. Till now users can only register for the prize. They have not mentioned how the prize money will be sent to the user. As they are only asking for Mobile Number they may send via Paytm or any other e-wallet. They will soon mention the complete details on the app or website. You can subscribe to our blog to get instant updates.

Minimum Points Required To Redeem Points In Sabse Smart Kaun

You can redeem your points from the Hotstar App only. It seems that there will be no minimum points to redeem. You can use your full points which you have gathered to redeem the prize money.

We Have Also Added Some FAQ’s So That You Can Get Your Answers Easily.

Can I Redeem Points Without PAN Card?

Yes, you can redeem the points without PAN Card. But if you will enter your PAN Number then you will not be able to claim TDS Credit of the tax deducted.

How Will I Receive My Payment?

You will receive the payment in the form of Paytm Cash on your registered number.

This is still a mystery. As soon any official announcement is made we will update it on our blog.

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