India’s Next Superstar(20-1-2018) – Rohit Shetty’s lands itself into controversy thanks to this model

India’s Next Superstar(20-1-2018) – Rohit Shetty’s lands itself into controversy thanks to this model

India’s Next Superstar was supposed to be a platform for newcomers and budding actors to display their acting prowess and impress the judges, Karan Johar (who wants to wipe nepotism off his resume) and Rohit Shetty. While the idea was great, the show has landed itself into its first controversy, thanks to one of its contestants. And that person happens to be a Polish-Indian model Angela Krislinzki. Also read: Amidst controversy, Sanjay Leela Bhansali to promote  Padmaavat on Karan Johar’s reality show?

Angela Krislinzki is not a newcomer to movies, per se, and had appeared in five movies before, the latest being last week’s 1921, where she played the antagonist. This fact has grabbed the attention of the viewers, who are asking why an actress, who has already worked in Bollywood before, is competing in a show that was supposed to promote fresh faces.

However, casting director Mukesh Chhabra begs to differ. Chhabra has been responsible for scouting the participants from 20 cities and had roped in Krislinzki for the show. Speaking to Mid-Day, he said  “We have shortlisted people on talent showcased in auditions. Krislinzki was brought aboard after we found merit in her craft. The concept of the show is to launch people in lead roles, so I don’t see an issue here” However, when he was reminded that the show was supposed to only launch newcomers, which is what Rohit Shetty had promised, this is what Chhabra had to say, “I think the channel would be in a better position to answer this”

When the newspaper contacted Angela Krislinzki, even she had something to say along the same lines as Chhabra’s defence. “The show isn’t for debutantes alone. I don’t want to do small roles and will work hard to enter the big league. This is a brilliant platform, one that allows me to hone my skills,” reiterated Krislinzki. 

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It is not just 1921 that made Angela Krislinzki popular in Bollywood. She had made it to the news a few months back when she called Hrithik Roshan her ‘mentor’, a claim that the superstar had denied, saying he didn’t even know her.

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