Sabse Smart Kaun Winners And Leaderboard Prizes

Sabse Smart Kaun Winners And Leaderboard Prizes

While playing all of you will be wondering about the Sabse Smart Kaun Winners. If you do not know how you can Redeem Sabse Smart Kaun Points then you can check our article. We have added lots of updates and articles about Sabse Smart Kaun.

This time we will update Sabse Smart Kaun Leaderboard and how they will get there prize. There are lots of buzz about Sabse Smart Kaun and everybody wants to play the game. There is a bit of delay in the prize money distribution. We expect that soon the Sabse Smart Kaun Winners will win their prizes. You should not stop playing the game and score points as much as possible. You should try your best to accumulate more and more points to increase the chances of your winnings.

Sabse Smart Kaun Winner List

The winner list will be decided after the show upon successful validation and checks. Only the eligible winners will be awarded the prize money after each show. A fixed prize money for each show will be distributed among the winners.

  • Only the selected the Sabse Smart Kaun Winners will receive the Prize Money in there Paytm Wallet.
  • You should enter your Mobile Number and PAN Number correctly while registering for the game.
  • If you will enter wrong Paytm Number then money will not reach to you.
  • And if you enter wrong PAN number then you will not be able to claim the TDS.
Winners Option Is Now Available In The Latest Version Of The Android App.

Sabse Smart Kaun Leaderboard

No Leaderboard Tab Is Available In The App Till Now.

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