Zee Yuva Sangeet Samraat 2018 Auditions and Registration

Zee Yuva Sangeet Samraat 2018 Auditions and Registration

The popular Marathi music reality show, Zee Yuva Sangeet Samraat is back with season 2. All the singing aspirants get ready for the Sangeet Samraat 2018 auditions and registration. The audition will take place across Maharashtra for talents 4 years and above. Sangeet Samrat season 2 will have singer Adarsha Shinde as judge while the second judge and the hosts of the show will be announced soon.

Sangeet Samraat is very popular show among the younger Marathi talents. Sangeet Samrat 2018 is open to all kinds of musical talents like contemporary, classic, modern folk, instrumental, etc. You can give can give the Sangeet Samraat 2018 auditions as a group, duo or solo.

Zee Yuva Sangeet Samraat 2018 Auditions

The auditions of sangeet Samrat season 2 to be held at different cities of Maharashtra. To Participate in the Zee Yuva Sangeet Samraat season 2 audition, participants need to visit the audition venue. The gate of audition venue will open at 9 AM. At the audition venue, they shall be required to fill the registration form.

City: Nashik Audition

Date: 11 May

City: Nagpur Audition

Date: 12 May

City: Pune Audition

Date: 13 May

City: Aurangabad Audition

Date: 18 May

City: Kolhapur Audition

Date: 19 May

City: Mumbai Audition

Date: 20 May

Zee Yuva


संगीत सम्राट-१ च्या दमदार यशानंतर महाराष्ट्राचे युवा गायक, आदर्श शिंदे येत आहेत नव्या जोमाने महाराष्ट्राच्या मातीतील दुसरा संगीत सम्राट शोधायला. काय मग तयार ना? ऑडिशन्स ११ मे २०१८ पासून तुमच्या जवळच्या शहरात! @adarsh_shinde

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